Design Style:
The modern and fashionable European style, specially designed for Europeans;
The double-decked compound lock body, resulting in long service life and anti force-break from outside;
Dissociate handle design, would effective protect against the malicious damages;
Double lock function, the door can be locked up by simply rotating the knob and releasing the latch.

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Traditional hotel management software use PINs to login, ADEL hotel management software uses fingerprint as a login method which solves the loopholes in the management.

Fingerprint QQ is an authentication device that connects to the computer with a USB port, replacing the traditional PIN number with fingerprint login which provide a simple, convenient and quick way in managing software security.

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Composite lock structure, firmer and more durable.
Standard American stainless steel mortise; structure is enhanced internally, better resistance to damage.
Four unlocking modes: fingerprint, card, password and mechanical key.
Memory capacity: 120 fingerprints (10 master fingerprint, 90 user fingerprints, 20 temporary fingerprints, 120 mifare cards, 1 password).

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It is specially designed for application on European gates.
Double-layer lock body structure ensures the high anti-break performance.
Disassociation-style handle prevents malicious destruction.
Indoor back-locking realized by rotating the knob to enable the big bolt.
Four unlocking modes: Fingerprint, Password, Card and Key.

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Fingerprint unlocking function, simply and safely;
Setting and cancel the fingerprint directly on the storage box;
4 batteries with 6V power supply, along with 9V external interface powered;

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Currently, Chinese children’s practical ability is relatively backward comparing with other countries. According to statistics, China is one of the countries that have the highest IQ in the world, and the average IQ is 14 higher than the USA.

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