Fingerprint Card Encoder

Capture fingerprint and build the template;
Read/write the fingerprint card;
Empty all fingerprints records;
Compare and verify the fingerprint;
Upload the details of fingerprint;
Download the details of fingerprint.

Technical parameters

A USB power supply with the voltage of 5.0~0.2VDC;
Fingerprint registration and fingerprint card reading/writing, etc
Data Interface: USB port
Resolution: 500 Dpi;
FRR is 0.1% (per mille)
Misclassification rate is 0.0001% (millionth)
Ambient temperature: -5°C - +50°C

Contact Information

Jl. KH Mukmin 11, Ruko Centro Blok D-7, CI WALK, Citra Indah, Sidoarjo, 61214, Indonesia
Telephone: +62318077199
Fax: +62318077199
Mobile Phone Number: 081909924605